Save Money on Your Kid’s Lunches

save money kids lunch

Back to school is in full swing for most of us, and even though it just started, I’m already in need of some inspiration for my daughter’s lunchbox.  And saving some money in the process wouldn’t hurt either.  I’m not trying to send her off with marcona almonds, artisanal cheeses and some Perrier in her thermos.  So here are some great tips and ideas on how to save money on your kid’s lunches.
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What is Your Risk Tolerance?

what is your tolerance for risk

All of the volatility in the stock market recently has probably tested your tolerance for risk.  And some people may feel that they are more tolerant to risk than they really are, and there is nothing like a sharp dip in the market to bring that to light.  So I thought it would be a good time to evaluate just how tolerant we all are to risk, because the better you know yourself and your investment style, the more prepared you’ll be to handle the ups and the downs.  People who are aggressive investors might have seen last week as a great buying opportunity while other more conservative people were hiding under their comforter praying for it to be over.  I recently took 3 risk quizzes online to identify my tolerance for risk that I thought I would share today so you can see what is your risk tolerance.
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When and Where to Find the Best Deals on Shoes

best deals on shoes

First of all, how have I had a blog called “High Heels High Yields” for over a year now and not discussed when and where to find the best deals on shoes?!  And second,  after Monday’s post about distracting ourselves from what is happening with the markets, I thought what better way to distract a girl than to do some therapeutic shoe shopping.  So today is the day!
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