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Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

easy ways to improve your credit score

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on how to protect your credit.  Because gosh darn it…if anyone is going to hurt my credit it better be me!  And let’s say your credit score isn’t that great at the moment.  Well there are things you can do to fix that!  So what are some easy ways to improve your credit score?  The best advice I can give you for improving or keeping a good credit score is to stay on top of bills, credit cards and all other debt as their payments become due.  Take advantage of automated payments whenever they are offered for at least the minimum balance of your cards and the amount owed on your monthly bills, and utilize smart phone reminders for the rest.  One missed payment can be a credit mistake that could cost you a lower score.  And it will offset some of the “good credit activity” you’ve been working hard to build over the years in an instant.  Beyond that, here are some other tips you may not know about for improving your score:
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What is a REIT and Are They For You?

are reits a good idea

Last week I wrote a post about investing in real estate.  And maybe by the end of that post you decided that purchasing and renting out investment property sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.  Well fear not!  You can still invest in real estate without purchasing it yourself, and that is through a REIT, or a Real Estate Investment Trust.  So what is a REIT and are they for you?  REITs are investment companies that purchase real estate with the sole purpose of generating income.  You can invest in REITs by purchasing shares of them similar to how you would purchase shares of stock for any other public traded companies.  You can even invest in a REIT mutual fund.  So what are the advantages and disadvantages of a REIT and are they for you?
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Easy Ways to Protect Your Credit

keep your credit safe

With so many recent hacks of people’s personal information, protecting one’s credit has never been more important.  So what are some easy ways to protect your credit?  What is considered essential and what is overkill?  If you ask someone who has had their identity stolen, I think they would say to use whatever means necessary to protect your credit score – since they know the pain of trying to repair it after fraud.  That being said, below I’m suggesting easy and cheap if not free steps you can take to stay financially safe.
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