High Heels High Yields is about educating and empowering women to foster their financial confidence and realize their investment and retirement goals.  This blog is updated weekly with fun and simple tips on how to save more, invest wisely and retire on time.


About me: I’m a CPA, former financial consultant, wife, and mother of two who enjoys helping other women learn more about investing.  Between loads of laundry and diaper changes, I decided to launch this blog to show that investing can be easy and fun.
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  1. Leslie Gamble

    Really enjoyed the articles and like the concept of your blog, I am passing this on to all the gals in the family. Thanks, and good luck

  2. KW

    Found the articles to be entertaining and valuable. Love that you are doing this. Looking forward to more!

    1. Cassie & Gary Pundt

      Thank you so much for the excellent savings and investing tips! Great information for all ages! Will pass your website on to others near and dear to us!

  3. Kim Outlaw

    Your knowledge and expertise of the subject really shows in your writing. And the relaxed format makes it fun. Keep it up – I’ll watch for more!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Hello Allison and thanks for visiting! Us moms can appreciate a little project like a blog to call our own and help keep us sane. Love your site!


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