My Stitch Fix Review

my stitch fix review

Earlier this summer, I tried Stitch Fix for the first time.  So I thought it would be helpful to provide a review for anyone curious about trying it.  For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s basically having a personal online stylist pick out a package of 5 items for you (which can be clothing and/or accessories) called your “fix”.  Before they do, you log on and fill out a detailed questionnaire about your body type and size, personal style, wardrobe needs, and most importantly for me – budget.  Do you need more clothes for work, going out/date nights, or casual wear?  You can even go above and beyond their questions and provide more input about what you might need.  I had one friend indicate that she was nursing and would like tops that would accommodate that.  So below is my Stitch Fix review:

How Much Is It?

You pay an upfront styling fee of $20 for each fix you receive.  Shipping and return shipping are free.  If you keep even 1 of the 5 items, the $20 styling fee is applied to that item.  If you keep all 5 items, they take 25% off the total.  When filling out your profile, they ask you what you normally spend on tops, pants, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc.  I was very particular about my budget and my needs when I completed my profile.

What Did I Receive?

In my first fix, I received a sweater, pair of jeans, blouse, dress and statement necklace (which I requested).  I ended up keeping all 5 items.  All four articles of clothing fit me perfectly, especially the jeans which blew my mind (I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well).  The jeans have a fun detail on the side, the blouse is trendy and colorful (read – not something I would have picked out myself), the sweater can be casual or dressy with accessories, the statement necklace goes with a lot in my wardrobe, and the dress is simple, black, and versatile for work or nights out.

Why It’s a Good Deal (For Me)

Having already told Stitch Fix what I normally spend on clothes, and receiving free shipping and the 25% discount, I feel like I got a really good deal on 5 items that fit me great and work well with my current wardrobe.  That to me is a huge fashion win!  What’s more – time is money.  So to have these items on my door step and not have to embark on a full shopping outing with two toddlers in tow is a dream.  I saved time, gas and my sanity.  Lastly, because someone else picked them for me, they are a little outside of my fashion comfort zone which is a good thing.  I need to be pushed sometimes.   Other bargain fashionistas out there may have a better eye for good deals when they’re shopping that will work well with what they have, and have the time to spend in multiple stores.  But not me.

Will I Use it Again?

Absolutely.  I was so happy with my first fix, that I had my next one scheduled for the beginning of August.  But the frugal gal in me decided that I didn’t need to add another 5 pieces to my wardrobe just yet and can be content with what I have for now.  So I’ve paused my account until I decide another fix is in my budget….maybe for my birthday?

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Was it worth the $20 styling fee for what you received?  What did you like and what did you send back?

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  1. Jessica

    Jess, I would have said exactly the same thing about Stitch Fix! Love it. While in Guatemala I got about 5 boxes and loved every one of them. I loved the selections because they were outside my normal style and the fit was right on amazingly. The quality of the clothing was high, some items even made in the US and Canada. Kind of wish they offered shoes too :)


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