When and Where to Find the Best Deals on Shoes

best deals on shoes

First of all, how have I had a blog called “High Heels High Yields” for over a year now and not discussed when and where to find the best deals on shoes?!  And second,  after Monday’s post about distracting ourselves from what is happening with the markets, I thought what better way to distract a girl than to do some therapeutic shoe shopping.  So today is the day!

Important Dates to Remember:

Nordstrom has 3 big sales during the year: the Anniversary sale in July and two “Big Half Yearly” sales, usually in May and November for Women and Kids.  Check their site for the specific dates as these times of year get close.

Shopping for Boots: You’ll find most if not all boots have been marked down between February and July, although I’ve also found great deals on boots during after Christmas sales.  If you can think ahead for what your fall wardrobe needs, definitely try to buy boots in the off season.

Shopping for Sandals: I would’ve assumed end of summer, but you can start to find deals on sandals as early as March since the stores put them out in January.

Shopping Online:

I’ll be honest and say that I think you’re taking a gamble when you try to find good deals online with shoes.  No one wants a shoe that looks cheap or is made poorly.  And I’ve found that it can be hard to tell when you’re looking at pictures of shoes online.  You won’t know until you try them on, and then you may be faced with paying shipping charges or a strict no return policy.  So you can go the route of 6pm or Just Fab Shoes, but know that you’re taking a chance with the quality (which is ok if you plan on wearing them only occasionally) and hope that they fit when they arrive.  If you go the Zappos route, you can order order order to your heart’s content  – in different styles and sizes – and return whatever doesn’t work with their “amazing up to one year no questions asked” return policy.  But Zappos rarely has sales and their normal prices are usually marked up compared to other retailers.   Some people have had good luck with DSW, which lets you use their coupons online and return shoes bought online in their stores.  I just don’t have much experience with them.

Great Budget Shoe Blogs and Sites:

Since finding deals on shoes is an ongoing and ever changing endeavor, I recommend checking out these blogs which are looking for the best deals on shoes all the time!

Brad’s Deals – I love Brad’s Deals for everything, but they have their own section devoted to shoe shopping!

Talk Shoes – They regularly identify some of the best deals around on shoes and also have part of their site devoted to purses…bonus!

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Shoes – My friend Ashley’s phenomenal blog about all things fashion and especially shoes is now one of the most well-known shoe blogs.  I love her photos and she usually covers the best finds for the Nordstrom sales.

Divine Deals – My girl Meghan is a savvy shopper on a mission to find the best bargains for clothes and shoes.  She has amazing finds that make me wish I could accompany her on her outings, and I love her style.

4 thoughts on “When and Where to Find the Best Deals on Shoes

  1. Meghan

    Awww, thanks for the shout-out!

    Amazon is always my go to site when shoe shopping. They have every name brand imaginable and their price is typically much much lower than department stores!

  2. Jan

    I love to find pricey shoes on clearance, even though the prices are still high, I feel like I’m getting such deal. Weitzman is my choice, although many of the heels are too high, love to look and dream!

    Great post Jess!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thanks Jan! I agree, and the quality is better with higher-end shoes so they end up lasting longer too!


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